Our Boys 2024/2025 Soccer Season Teams

Birth Year Age Group Team Name Head Coach Name Division
2006/2007 U19 WSC 06B Orange Christian  Espinosa
2006/2007 U19 WSC 06B White Angel Magallon
2006/2007 U19 WSC 07B Orange Rogelio Rodriguez
2008 U17 WSC 08B Orange Ramon Hernandez
2009 U16 WSC 09B Orange Adrian Perez
2009 U16 WSC 09B White Adrian Perez
2010 U15 WSC 10B Orange/NPL Sigrid Asmundson
2010 U15 WSC 10B White Marcos Michel
2010 U15 WSC 10B Black Marcos Michel
2011 U14 WSC 11B Orange Carlos Torres
2011 U14 WSC 11B White Fausto Morales
2011 U14 WSC 11B Black Angel Magallon
2012 U13 WSC 12B Orange Simon Pallin
2012 U13 WSC 12B White Ruben Negrete
2012 U13 WSC 12B White Carlos Ochoa
2013 U12 WSC 13B Orange Jesus Romero Villegas
2013 U12 WSC 13B White John Albeck
2014 U11 WSC 14B Orange Carlos Torres
2014 U11 WSC 14B White Natalli Melgoza
2015 U10 WSC 15B Orange Oscar Zarza
2015 U10 WSC 15B White Ned Ng
2015 U10 WSC 15B Black Pedro Gonzalez
2016 U9 WSC 16B Orange Jesus Esparza
2016 U9 WSC 16B White Tanya Bautista
2017 U8 WSC 17B White Tanya Bautista

Joining the Club and a Team

The best time to join a new team is during the May tryouts. There your player will be evaluated alongside other players and invited to join a team that fits their age and experience best. If May is too far away, or recently passed you can still join a team by requesting a tryout with the club operations coordinators, or the team itself.  Please fill out the form below to get started