Donate to Woodland Soccer Club 2023/2024

Our community of members has seen a rise in the number of requests for financial aid this past year. Woodland Soccer Club has never formalized a process of seeking financial assistance in the past and the current WSC Board is looking to support that need with a new “WSC Player Fund” initiative. All donated funds will go directly to support our financially challenged members. The WSC Board is in the process of creating an application procedure and committee to oversee the approval and distribution of financial aid requests. If you feel your able to, please consider donating using the following PayPal link.


If you have a specific player in mind you’d like to sponsor, An optional field is provided to specify the name(s) of the player(s) you’d wish to receive your gift. Please provide enough information to identify the player(s) uniquely, such as name and team name, or parent contact. Your entire donation, minus any PayPal fees will be applied to their account. Please see our page describing our 23/24 dues for assistance in understanding how much to donate.