2023-24 Competitive Program Dues

Welcome! Woodland Soccer Club offers cost effective excellent training facilities, with licensed trainers. The Club strives to provide the best possible experience to its members at the lowest cost as compared to the other clubs in the area.

Game Format Age Group Birth Year Monthly Dues Number of Payments Total Dues Volunteer Deposit Uniform Cost
5 v 5 U8 2016 $65 10 $650 $100 $133 + tax & shipping
7 v 7 U9 2015 $70 10 $700
U10 2014
9 v 9 U11 2013 $75 10 $750
U12 2012
11 v 11 U13 2011 $80 10 $800
U14 2010
U15 2009
U16 2008
U17 2007
U19 2006/2005

2023-24 Competitive Program Description

  • Club dues are all inclusive, unless otherwise noted, and helps the Club, among other things, cover costs associated with field reservations and lights, coaching expenses, coaching education advancement, equipment expenses, club training clinics, club keeper clinics, player and staff insurance, team communication app, referee expenses, league registration expenses, NorCal State Cup registration. Excludes expenses associated with uniforms and Summer/Winter leagues.

  • Pre-NPL (9 v 9 U12) teams pay an additional $5/month ($50 total) and NPL teams (11 v 11 U13 and up) pay an additional $10/month ($100 total).

  • A muti-player discount is available for families with more than one player in the club. A discount of $50.00 (full year) for a sibling of up to two siblings will be given. Sibling is defined as same parents and same address. Discount will be applied to the payments made in Nov and April,

  • Players may incur other costs that are specific to their individual team, or the individual member, and are not covered by Club Dues. They could/will include: Additional team equipment not already covered by the club, personal cost of travel, tournaments (excluding NorCal State Cup), Summer/Winter NorCal league, and other team specific discretionary costs, team field rentals, coach’s overnight travel expenses etc.

  • All teams participate in two leagues (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024). These are included in your Club Dues.

  • All teams have the opportunity to participate in NorCal State Cup (except for U8). These fees are included in your Club Dues.

  • Uniforms are arranged and purchased separately by team staff and are not covered by dues. The uniform package includes three Classic Nike jerseys (black, white and either orange or blue), two numbered Nike shorts (black and white), two pairs Nike Classic soccer socks (black and white). Samples are available for you to check for sizing prior to ordering. Additional items from the uniform package can be purchased separately online. Uniforms are replaced on average every 2 years, the next scheduled replacement is the 24/25 season.

  • All players pay July 2023 through April 2024 (10 Months). The competitive year is 12 Months (June 2023 through May 2024), of which 9 or 10 months, depending on the team, are active with 8 to 12 weeks of potential downtime. Generally the off time is taken during the high school, summer or winter season for some teams. Dues are not waived if you leave the club of your own volition prior to the end of the competitive year. Additionally, the monthly dues are not tied to whether or not the team is on break, is actively training, or in league.

  • As a nonprofit organization our Club dues are set as close as possible to our actual costs, which means we rely on all players paying the dues they have committed to in a timely manner. Monthly payments are due by the 15th of each month July 15th – April 15th. On the following 1st of each month any players with overdue payments will be marked as “not eligible” within Byga. At this time the player can still practice and play in matches, but have been formally notified that payment is past-due. Once a player has missed 2 payments (is 2-months past due), that player is then suspended from all club activities. They are not allowed to practice OR play and will be flagged in GotSport, removed from the team roster, and player card collected. Only once the player’s account is fully caught up can they return to the club activities and match play.

  • Accepting a position as a player on a Woodland Soccer Club team involves a commitment of both time and money for the family, the team staff and club administration. It is expected that the player and their family will commit to participate on the team for the entire season (June 2023 – May 2024), abide by our sportsmanship and good behavior requirements, and meet any volunteer and financial obligations as agreed to during registration. As such, refunds are not available under most circumstances. Acceptable circumstances include: Season ending injury or illness, death of a parent, mental illness, job loss/relocation. Player withdrawal requests can be submitted here. A withdrawal of a player will result of that player NOT being able to return for the remainder of the season.

  • U15 through U19 teams may take the high school soccer season off. U15 through U19 players who are not participating in high school soccer during the winter break can participate in free club training sessions that may be offered by the club during this time period.

  • Soccer is an outdoor activity that can be impacted by inclement weather. Heavy rains, excessive heat, or poor air quality, can and do close the fields. We will cancel or alter games and training sessions were there is a risk to player safety. There are no refunds if games or trainings are canceled as a result of inclement weather, including rain, smoke, heat, etc. .

  • Under no circumstances is the Club required to provide refunds to members as the result of events outside of our control. This includes but is not limited to natural disasters, emergency government actions impacting operations, pandemics, etc…

2023-2024 Season Volunteer Requirement

Woodland Soccer Club is starting a volunteer obligations during the 2023-24 season. Woodland Soccer Club plans to organize multiple events and tournaments over the 23-24 season and in order to maximize our capabilities each family is required perform four (4) volunteer work hours per registered player. For 2023-24 there will be a $100 volunteer deposit added to all competitive team registrations. Families that fulfill their four (4) volunteer hours per player, will be eligible to have their $100 volunteer deposit refunded as an adjustment to their invoice. To be eligible for the refund, the family must fulfill their full volunteer obligations, as outlined in this section. No exceptions. Families may elect to not fulfill their volunteer hours. That simply means their volunteer fee will not be refunded. All authorized refunds pursuant to this section will take place before the end of the soccer season May 31, 2024

2023-24 Financial Aid

Woodland Soccer Club does support player Financial Aid for the 2023-2024 season.  Financial Aid is closed for 2023-2024 season